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Booking occurs when you reserve any travel product, such as flights, accommodation, car hire, destination activities, rail, cruises, and insurance. Once you have booked products through www.bestfares365.com or through one of our booking agents in person or via phone, we must receive payment (and the Credit Card Authorisation form if paid by credit card) , before your tickets or travel products will be issued to you.
The issuing of tickets happens once Direct Flights has received payment for your booking (and the Credit Card Authorisation form if paid by credit card) and has processed the transaction.
If you have not received a confirmation from the airline or travel agent you booked with, first check your junk folder. If it is not hiding in there and you still have not received an email after 24 hours, you'll need to contact your airline or travel agent.
If you cannot find your confirmation email, please search your inbox for the email with the subject line " Your Reservation”, or check your Spam folder. If you still cannot find your confirmation email, it is likely that your booking is not completed. Call them (call the flight directly or our site customer. Mention the pnr/booking reference number.
You can send us a cancellation request under the header 'Change or cancel' in 'My Trip' on our website.
Please note: if have you booked a flight with a “low-cost carrier” (for example Air Asia), you must contact the airline directly to cancel your ticket.
Please note: this is a cancellation request; your booking has not been cancelled yet!
Cancelling your trip will always require costs. Depending on the ticket conditions of the airline, you have the right to receive a (partial) refund, or it is also possible that your ticket cannot be cancelled. In that case you will not receive a refund. You can read these conditions by clicking on 'View ticket conditions'
Please note (If your departure is within 4 days or if your booking was made today, please contact us by phone.
Subject to your refund and remedy rights under the Australian Consumer Law, the following change and cancellation fees apply to all bookings (including online bookings and bookings made via phone):
• Date Change / Routing Change after ticket is issued:
When fare conditions permit, changes can be made with some fees. Our service fee is $155 per person. In addition to this, the Airline will also include fare and tax differences and re-issue fees. Upon request, we would check and advise you before proceeding.
• Name Correction after ticket is issued:
When a name correction is permitted by the Airline, our fee is $155 per person plus Airline fees. Upon request, we would check and advise you before proceeding. Name correction within 24 hours of departure or over the weekend will incur an urgent fee. Please check with us.
• Refunds:
Refunds eligibility will be based on the airline’s terms and conditions for your booking. Refund amount is dependent on the usage of your booking. If you are not sure, you can email us at [email protected] to check the terms and conditions of your booking.
We will only lodge a refund once we have received an email confirmation. Once we have submitted your booking in refunds, it may take up to 8-10 weeks to be processed from our suppliers. If we received it earlier from our suppliers, we will refund it back to the original form of payment. You can check back with us after 4 weeks.
- Merchant fees (2%) are non-refundable, including bookings with promotional 0% Visa/Mastercard’s fee.
- Merchant fees will be deducted from the refund amount.
- We are unable to advise the exact refund amount since it is at the discretion of the airline. This is because certain taxes, fuel charges, etc are not refunded.
If you missed your flight mean you no show on that flight, please contact the Airline directly for assistance. We can also help you to re-book the next available flight if fare ruling on the original ticket permit it. In rebooking, the airlines may charge No-Show fees plus fares & taxes differences & re-issue fees. Upon request, we would check and advise you before proceeding.
In the event, you cannot make the outbound flight and you do not notify us or the Airline, which result in a no show on departure date, your inbound flight will automatically be cancelled by the Airline. You may not be notified by the Airline of this.
Some airlines will not give Refund in a No-Show situation.
If you wish to make an enquiry on date change or cancellation to an existing booking, please contact bestfares365 during business hours, Monday to Friday. Over the weekend/public holidays or for change within 48 hours of departure, please contact the Airline directly for assistance.
You can easily reserve seats with us or on the airline's website yourself. Use your online check-in number (listed on your e-ticket) to sign in on the airline's website.
some airlines charge for seat reservation.
It may also be that you can only reserve a seat during online check-in.We charge a service fee of $12 per person for international flights and $5 for domestic flights .For passengers who wish to select their seats before their flight. If there are any airline fees applicable, that will be added extra to the “Seat Selection Charges”.
Please note, these costs are an indication and not the exact amount.
Every ticket has its own conditions when it comes to changing a flight date or route.
When fare conditions permit, we can cancel your ticket upon written confirmation and lodge it for refund/credit use. From the refund amount, a service fee of $222 per adult, $175 per child and Infant is non-refundable will be charged for International Ticket. In addition to this are the Airline’s cancellation fees. If credit use is applicable, it will dependent on the Airlines’ terms and conditions. For the rebooking and reissuance, there is our change fee ($155) per adult and child, plus airline fees, fare and tax differences from the original ticket. Merchant fees (2%) are non-refundable.
You can send us a request to change your flight date under the header 'Change or cancel' in 'My Trip' on our website and we will try to contact you as soon as we can.
Please note: if have you booked a flight with a “low-cost carrier” or your flight is in next 24 hours you have to contact the airline directly to change your ticket.
In the instance of a partially used ticket (one segment is used), the refund value can amount to nil after cancellation fees have been deducted.
Should you need to cancel your flight, you need to give us a written request 72 hour before departure.
For hotel confirmed bookings, many suppliers charge at least the first night. Conditions vary by supplier.
Please email to [email protected]
(If your departure is within 4 days or if your booking was made today, please contact us by phone.)
At the moment, multi stop or round the world itineraries are available on our website or you can contact one of our consultants on
Main line (Sydney): +61 2 9646 3688 or
email on [email protected]
If an error occurs on the site while you are trying to make a booking, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not make another booking as your previous booking may have gone through. Our experienced reservations staff can check on your booking, and attempt to confirm your travel arrangements with you
If you are booking online, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation from one of our online consultants. When booking by email or by phone, your travel consultant will confirm your details with you.
Tickets will be issued in accordance with deadlines written into the applicable fare.
• Wherever possible, Electronic Ticketing will be arranged at no additional charge.
• Tickets may also be picked up at the Direct Flights office in Sydney at no additional charge.
• When Electronic Ticketing is not possible, tickets will be sent via Express Post at a surcharge of AUD $7.00, for deliveries within Australia only. The approximate delivery time is 5 working days. Please contact us for delivery of paper ticket outside Australia.
• Tickets may also be delivered Special Delivery (courier) at a charge of AUD $25.00, for deliveries within Australia only. The approximate delivery time is 3 working days. Please contact us for delivery of paper ticket outside Australia.
• Should time not permit for any of the above options, and you are traveling on a paper ticket, please contact Direct Flights to arrange a delivery method.
Please contact us no later than two working days prior to your departure if you have not received your travel documents.
You should reconfirm your flight with the relevant airlines at least 72 hours prior to commencement of your journey. We accept no responsibility for bookings cancelled due to non-compliance with rules set by airlines.
Due to security measures, baggage allowances vary by airline and destination. Your baggage allowance can be found on your ticket. Please ask your consultant to advise you of any specific baggage requirements.
Please ensure you have entered all travellers’ name and title as per passport. We ask that you double check all information in the booking before finalizing. Name & Title correction process is complicated and time consuming. We would need to get Airline’s authority for the correction. In some cases, you will be required to purchase a whole new ticket and lodge your old ticket in for refund with applicable charges.
Correction is permitted if 3 letters or less in the Surname or First Name or Title.
Correction is permitted if First Name & Surname is in the wrong order.
When change & correction is permitted our processing fee is AUD $155 per person plus any airline charges.
Watch out for auto correction on your electronic device which may result in wrong name or gender.
We cannot action name/title change on the day of departure or 5 days before departure. Please approach Airline staff for assistance. If you choose to travel with incorrect name, you may face complication at boarding or in Immigration.
You can either contact us via email or phone so we can finalise your booking or you can follow these steps:
If it's part of your culture that you only have one Given (First) Name and no Family/Last Name, you can still book with confidence on bestfares365.com. When it comes to the screen where we ask for the "Last name on the passport" of the person travelling, please write your Given Name in this box, and then type your Title (i.e. "Mrs", "Mr", etc) into the "First name on the passport" box. If you have two Given Names and no Last name, please write both your Given Names in the "Last name on the passport" box and then your Title in the "First name on the passport" box. When you add your Advance Passenger information (passport details, date of birth, place of stay, etc), please place your Given name in the Last Name box, and type "FNU" ("First Name Unknown") in the First Name box.
- If you have a Family (Last) Name only, when you book your ticket on bestfares365.com please write your Given Name in the "Last name on the passport" box, and then type your Title (i.e. "Mrs", "Mr", etc) into the "First name on the passport" box. When you add your Advance Passenger information (passport details, date of birth, place of stay, etc), please place your Given name in the Last Name box, and type "FNU" ("First Name Unknown") in the First Name box.
- If you have just one letter in your Family Name/Last Name please just type that letter twice (bestfares365.com needs a minimum of two letters in that field). When you come to add your Advance Passenger Information to your booking, you can type just the one letter, as per your passport, at that point.
Your booking maybe affected by Airline schedule change at any given time. This can happen when the Airline experience mechanical issue, routing change or simply bad weather. In some instance, the change can result in cancelled flight altogether. Whatever the reason, it is greatly inconvenient for the passenger as the alternate schedule that the Airline allocate may not suit your travel plans.
We will notify you by email or phone if your booking is affected by schedule change. Sometimes we do not receive advance notice from the Airline. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check your flight status before departure in Airline’s website, under ‘Manage My Booking’.
In the instance of significant schedule change that would disrupt your travel plans, the Airline may grant you a full refund. This is entirely at the Airline’s discretion and base on case by case assessment. Please check with us.
You can check-in from anywhere you want using your smartphone from our website.
And it comes with two major advantages.
Online check-in saves you time
You will save a lot of time at the airport. A lot. Especially if you're only traveling with a carry-on and no checked luggage. If you're checking-in online, travel without a checked bag and go to the airport with your printed boarding pass (or a digital copy on your phone), you can go straight to the gate and skip the counter. No need to come too early at the airport!
And you and I both know that waiting lines (for check-in and airport security) are what makes you waste most time at the airport. Most airlines will let you check-in online as early as 24h before the flight and their systems work around the clock. They will send you an email to remind you about it, so make sure that you don't forget!
Online check-in gives you a chance to improve your flight
One thing I really like is that you can choose your seat during online check-in: I know I love my window seat for the view! If you'd rather enjoy having access to the bathroom easily, pick an aisle seat.
The thing is that you won't be able to choose if you're checking-in at the airport only, so do it online. The earlier you check-in online, the greater the choice of available seats. Although there are usually seats which you can book for free, airlines and especially low-costs may have a number (if not all) of them reserved for booking at an extra-fee.
In order to check-in online you will need your flight details, your PNR (or booking number) and your passport number, if you are on an international flight. You also need to know the number of bags you’ll be checking in.
Even if you’re planning on bringing a piece of luggage with you, online check-in is still a better option as you just need to drop it off at the designated counter, which tends to move faster than the regular line. No need to waste time at the regular line where people both check-in and drop their bags.
Even if you don’t have a printer, you can still check-in online and get your copy at the airport. If you have a smartphone, certain airlines will also be able to scan it directly off your screen. Even if you don’t have a paper copy of your boarding pass, your seat is safe.
What you DON'T want is to be denied boarding because you couldn't check-in on time. Not only the airline staff wouldn't let you board the plane: you wouldn't be eligible to a compensation for boarding denial, because it would be regarded as your responsibility.
Online check-in comprises several benefits for passengers. The best of these benefits are:
• Saving time on the long airport check-in lines
• Allowing you the option to choose your seats before even reaching the airport
• The possibility of paying a lower fee checked baggage than you would if you paid in-person at the time of airport check-in
• Skipping the line! Many airlines have a separate line for travellers who have already checked-in online. This makes the bag drop process faster and gets you to the security line much faster, too.
• Your first flight is operated by a codeshare partner
• You need a special service (for instance- wheelchair or assistance for unaccompanied minor)
• You’re traveling in a large group
• You’ve been picked for secondary screening by the TSA
• Your passport is not filed with the airline (international flights)
The time you give yourself to finish dropping off your bags, getting through the security check and getting to your gate depends on many variables. Even if you already have your online boarding pass, it’s always important to give yourself enough time. Rules for check-in vary from airline to airline and you should be aware of the rules and regulations of the airline you are traveling on ahead of time, as this could add or shave off time to your wait time and boarding process.
We understand customers have had their travel plans disrupted due to Covid-19 and global border restrictions. We are here to help.
Please note Government authorities may change or update travel restrictions and entry requirements, so please check you meet entry requirements for domestic and international flights before you book and before you travel to your desire destination. Here are the states information regarding COVID-19 Australia.
we recommend you contact airline for prompt process of your enquiry during this time or else If you cannot make that happen, we are here to support you by requesting airline on your behalf where its viable, please contact us via email or phone.
The Prime Minister has flagged an extension to international travel restrictions and quarantine for travellers arriving back into Australia. All airlines are currently reviewing their operations and further cancellations are likely. Airline will let you know if your flight is impacted and provide you with options.
We strongly recommend contacting airline directly if there are any changes to upcoming flights due to covid-19 to advise about available options which may include a free move, voucher (and any rules related to it, like duration and processing or refund.
If you have any further questions that have not been covered in this FAQ, do not hesitate to make enquiries at [email protected] and indicate “FAQs” in the title.

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