A Detailed Guide to United In-Flight Wi-Fi Facility
A Detailed Guide to United In-Flight Wi-Fi Facility

United Airlines is one of the top choices of flyers. It is a budget-friendly airline that offers all reasonable facilities to travelers. United makes sure to provide high-quality service and uninterrupted internet facilities for its passengers. For this purpose, the airline uses four different Wi-Fi service providers to meet the demand and expectations of the passengers. As there is various kind of travelers; some of them need to entertain and just want to see the movies but there are some business travelers who may need better internet to work. 

Here we have provided the details about the access and use of the Wi-Fi facility on-board. For better understanding and convenience, we have mentioned complete details about the United In-flight wifi for you. You will come to know the United wifi cost, coverage, and connection steps to use inflight wifi on United flights.

Wi-Fi Availability:

Every United mainline plane and two-cabin regional jet offers an internet facility. The only two aircraft models that don’t offer internet access are the Bombardier CRJ-200 and Embraer 145 but these are the carriers that fly on the shortest route so it will not affect you. United airline uses four different network providers with different coverage maps and reliability to offer better results to the passengers. The long-haul USA to India flights mostly has plane with Panasonic Wi-Fi because it provides a global coverage network.

 Wifi Access:

United Airlines uses satellite-based in-flight wi-fi to provide the speed and highest quality internet connectivity onboard. The wi-fi can be accessed in two different ways either free or paid.

Free In-Flight Wi-Fi by United Airlines:

United Airlines has the availability of free messaging services for its passengers. Travelers can access the free wi-fi facility onboard. This can be used to send normal texts only through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. You cannot do video calls and photo messages with free wi-fi. This feature is displayed as one of the regular pricing plans on the United wi-fi portal.

Paid In-Flight Wi-Fi by United Airlines: 

There are different monthly and annual subscription plans for inflight wi-fi. You will be charged as per the subscription and plan you have purchased. Notice that the video call service and VOIP service are not available on any of its flights. You can access the internet during your flights for an entire month or year.

See the United Airlines in-flight wi-fi subscription plans for international journeys below: 

Global Monthly Plan – $69.00 for 10,500 miles
Global Annual Plan – $689.00 for 100,000 miles

Note: Rates may change as per the region and update in plans. 

One Day Wi-Fi Plan:

With United, you can select from one of three plans i.e. a one-hour, two-hour, or full flight pass. You can also opt for a wi-fi day plan. This plan activates an hour before take-off and continues for the duration of the flight (within 24 hours only). You can purchase the plan on the ‘My Trips’ page on the official website of the United Airline. You need to enter the confirmation or MileagePlus number (for MileagePlus members). Charges are mentioned below:

     One-hour Plan – $7.00
     All-day Plan – $19.00
     MileagePlus members/regional flights – $8.00

Wi-Fi Internet Access:

You can use wi-fi enabled device in the United Airlines in-flight wi-fi. First of all, you need to know in advance what aircraft you are flying and if they are providing wifi service or not. 

First of all, you will need to turn on the airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi and select the “United Wi-Fi” network from the available wi-fi network.

Open the browser on your device and connect to the United Airlines Wi-Fi portal.

If there is any issue then annually visit the homepage of the Wi-Fi portal of United Airlines. 

Money Saving ways for United Wi-Fi:

For those who are not willing for purchasing a monthly subscription, there are a few ways to save on United Wi-Fi. There are many American Express Cards that offer incidental credits to the users. As a passenger of United Airlines, you can use your Amex travel credits to get inflight Wi-Fi for free. In case you hold United Explorer Card or United Club card passengers are offered 25 percent statement credit for wi-fi.

Nowadays almost all United carriers feature Wi-Fi. For regular United flyers, it is better to purchase a monthly Wi-Fi subscription. For more savings, you can use a credit card that offers a discount for such facilities. So, now enjoy high-quality and uninterrupted wi-fi service with United Airlines. 


Q- Is there wi-fi available on United Flights?

A- Yes, United offers both paid as well as unpaid wi-fi facilities for its passengers.

Q- Is it worth buying Wi-Fi?

A- Whether buying Wi-Fi or not is a completely personal choice. If you are a business traveler or want to stay in      touch with your friends and family while you are flying then you can purchase a suitable plan.

Q- How to know if my United flight has wi-fi service?

A- You can confirm it from the customer support team otherwise check it from the amenities section on the website of United Airlines. You can also check it on the departure gate’s information screen.