American Airlines Damaged and Lost Baggage Claim Policy
American Airlines Damaged and Lost Baggage Claim Policy

Every passenger looks forward to getting their luggage on time at the destination airport. It may happen that your baggage is not at the arrival airport or cannot find your valuable possessions. If you are a passenger of American Airlines, you must immediately report at American Airlines' lost baggage counter at the airport. The complaint can be filed for your lost bag and you are even eligible for reimbursement of purchased products during the period of absence of your luggage.

So, if you’ve lost your luggage with American Airlines, there are many steps that you must take to minimize the hassle or stress of a situation like this. 

Missing Baggage:

when you come to know that your luggage is missing then without wasting any time go and file a complaint about it.

You will have to provide the necessary information to the agent. This may include a copy of your bag tag that you’ve received at the time of check-in, to verify your information.

File the complaint of the missing bag if the agents at the airport are not able to provide any update on your bag. You need to provide every bit of information about your missing bag including the size, color, and material of the bag. 

After that you will be asked for some personal details like your local address and contact information. Once the report is submitted you will be given the American Airlines lost baggage phone number and file reference number for further process.

In case your bag has not arrived even after the 5 days then you need to fill out a Passenger Property Questionaire. This should be sent to the American Airline address provided on their website within 30 days of losing your luggage.

Delayed Baggage:

Most of the time passengers reach early and their baggage takes some time to reach the destination. In case of delayed baggage, it may come to you in a few hours.

When you can’t find your bag you will reach the agent and tell them the situation. After letting the airline know about your missing bag, the agent will tell you exactly where your bag was last scanned, and the approximate time at which you will get your luggage. 

Make sure they have your address and contact details so that airlines can easily deliver your luggage after finding it.

In between the period you get your baggage you can buy yourself some necessary items. Don’t forget to keep the receipts of the purchased items to claim compensation for the same.

You can track your luggage and check the status of your baggage. And if you are not able to check the status then contact airlines to get any updates.

Lost Baggage: 

  • Your baggage will be considered lost after 30 days of filing the complaint. 
  • Once the airlines confirm that your baggage is lost you can claim against the lost luggage. 
  • While filing for the claim you need to put all the required information including the proofs of your belongings. 

Damaged Baggage: 

In case you have received a damaged bag then you can claim reimbursement for the price of your bag and the damaged items. But, the details must be sent to the airlines within 7 days of receiving the damaged baggage.

Checking the status of Baggage:

American Airlines passengers can check the tracking status of their bags themselves. American Airlines baggage tracking system allows you to check the updates online. This automated system for tracking luggage by American Airlines is very helpful in locating the missing bags and also ensures they don’t get mishandled in the first place. 

All the tracking and update are possible with the help of the reference ID that is provided to the passengers while filing the complaint.

Reimbursement by American Airlines:

American Airlines is responsible for the reimbursement for reasonable and necessary items you need immediately while away from home without your bags. 

  • Within 30 days of your baggage delay, you need to send:
  • Your 13-character file reference number
  • A copy of your ticket receipt and baggage claim checks
  • Your original, dated, itemized receipts
  • Any expense reimbursement will be deducted from the final settlement amount.


Q- What if I lose my luggage claim ticket?

A- You need to contact American Airlines via phone or at their lost baggage counter. 

Q- Can I get compensation for m damaged bag?

A- Yes, If you receive your bag damaged then you can ask for compensation from the airlines.

Q- How long does baggage claim take?

A- If it is an issue of delayed baggage it will show up in the next 4-7 days. If your bag is truly lost, then there are very less chances after 30 days.