Delta Airline Baggage Policy, Fare Type Facilities, and Customer Reviews
Delta Airline Baggage Policy, Fare Type Facilities, and Customer Reviews

Delta is one of the most popular airlines for international travel. Due to superior services and facilities, there is heavy demand for Delta among USA to India travelers. Book flights in advance so you don’t have to struggle with last-minute hassles. Here are some of the basic information about Delta Airline so it will become easier to adjust your travel plans.


Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance: 

Delta Carry-on Baggage:


Each passenger of Delta is allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item free of charge. Make sure the bag should be easily adjusted in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 


Delta Airlines Carry-on baggage should be limited to a combined length + width + height of 45 linear inches. While Individual length, width, and height measurements including handles and wheels should not exceed 22” x 14” x 9” (56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm) respectively. 


Delta Airlines Approved Personal Items as Carry on:



Camera Bag 

Diaper Bag

Laptop Bag


Liquids and Gels: Gels and beverages like items are allowed to carry on with some restrictions. Airlines restrict the size of containers and amount of such items as mentioned below:

Liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes must be packed properly in a quart-size, zip-lock transparent bag at a maximum amount of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters.


Delta Checked Baggage Allowance: 


Passengers can carry 2 standard bags with a maximum dimension (length + width + height) of the baggage of 62 inches or 157 cm. The allowed maximum weight of the baggage is 50 pounds or 23 kg. The fee for the first bag is $30 and that for the second bag is $40. Furthermore, Delta checked baggage allowance fee varies by route and fare class in which the passenger is traveling.


Delta Airline Fare Type:


There are a total of 6 fare classes in Delta. Flying with Delta will make you feel at home with its top-class service and facilities. No matter whether you have taken a short or long flight you will feel refreshed. Delta offers a variety of signature products and experiences to make passengers comfortable while in the sky.


Basic Economy:

It is for the passengers who are looking for budget travel. Delta Basic Economy gives a seat with the baggage allowance of a piece of carry-on baggage and a personal item. The seat will be assigned to you automatically you will not select the seat yourself. 


Delta’s Main:

Delta’s standard economy allow passengers to select their seat before check-in. Also, the passengers have the baggage allowance of 1 piece of hand luggage plus a personal item, and 1 piece of checked luggage. 


Delta One Cabin Experience:

Delta one is one of the most luxurious cabins which can be experienced on long-haul international flights and on select long-haul domestic trips. On a 180-degree flat-bed seat, you will stay busy and entertained with a seatback screen with a noise-canceling headset. Even you will get a wide selection of complimentary beer, spirits, and fine wine to stay active.


Delta Premium Select Experience:

Delta Premium Select has seats with fold-out adjustable footrest and leg rest with a deep recline feature. For entertainment enjoy Delta Studio on a screen fixed at each seat or on a personal device. As a passenger of Delta Premium Select, you will select, you'll receive a TUMI amenity kit, offering eyeshades, socks, facial mist, lip balm, and all of your travel essentials.


Delta Comfort +:

Comfort+ is Delta’s seating in the economy and has added amenities like extra legroom and dedicated overhead bag space. There will be special things like a pillow, blanket, complimentary headset, and amenity kit on long-haul international flights.    


First Class Flights:

First class passengers have access to SkyPriority for priority check-in, baggage handling, security, and boarding. You will get up to 8 inches of extra legroom and a 5.4-inches seat recline. Passengers will get space and power that will keep them active and entertained. 


Delta Airline Facilities: 


Delta Studio: To stay entertained during your travel Delta offers a variety of options to the passengers. You get the opportunity to enjoy 1,000+ hours of free entertainment on your seatback screen. It includes 12 channels of live satellite TV along with the latest movies and premium TV series, and games.


Wi-Fi Facility:

Delta has the largest fleet of Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft of all. Passengers can use the Wi-Fi services and easily connect their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Thus, you can use this Wi-Fi facility to stay connected to friends while onboard. This is possible with Free Messaging courtesy of Delta after connecting to the “Free Messaging” pass.


Food and Beverages:

As per the fare type of Delta there are different options for food in the cabin. On long-haul international flights, you will be served bottled water, a choice of bread and dessert selection, salad, beer, spirits, and a limited selection of wine.


Commitment to Cleanliness:

For the safety of passengers and crew members, Delta performs frequent wipe-downs of surfaces, including seats, check-in lobbies, and gate areas. You can easily find the hand sanitizer dispensers available near high-touch locations.