Do i need a ticket to enter the airport?
Do i need a ticket to enter the airport?

There is a doubt that arises in the mind of most people when they come to the airport with their loved ones. If you are also wondering whether going through security without a ticket/boarding pass is allowed or not without a ticket then this blog is for you.


Many people think that going through airport security is easy, but unfortunately, this is not the case. At the airport, there are different levels of security, and each level has its own set of requirements. You have to follow them otherwise you may have to face many issues.


You’ve reached the right place to clear your doubts. Here, you will come to know whether you need a ticket to hang out at the airport or not. Also, why you cannot go through security without a boarding pass? 


There are some exceptional cases when some passengers can pass the airport security including the TSA even without a boarding pass. So, you will come to know about all this.


Rules for entering a Terminal: 

  • Nowadays, most airports don’t let anyone enter an airport without a valid airline ticket. This happened after the Covid pandemic to limit the number of people indoors. You will find an additional checkpoint at the front entrance of the airport. So, if you want to purchase a ticket on the spot, you can just have to use your phone.  
  • You cannot cross the airport security and reach the airport terminal without a valid ticket or a gate pass
  • In case you want to drop off an unaccompanied minor or a person with a disability, you still need an escort pass from the airline.


Can You Pass Through Airport Security Without A Ticket? 

Nowadays people cannot go through airport security and move freely in the airport terminals without a valid ticket or a boarding pass. All this is due to security concerns of travelers. 


Cases when you are allowed to pass Through Security without a Boarding Pass or a Ticket: 

Some exceptions are still there. Those who are accompanying a minor or a person with a disability who needs special assistance to the boarding gate can pass Through Airport Security after presenting a photo ID. But make sure you contact the airline to avoid any potential conflicts. You will still need an escort or gate pass in these exceptional cases too.


  • Accompanying minors: In case you are accompanying a child or a minor to the gate then just apply for an escort pass a few days before the flight. After you get permission from the airline you will be able to pass through the security check. 
  • Accompanying the old or people who need special needs: If you want to accompany the elders or people with special needs then you have to apply for the gate pass. This also needs to be done several days before the departure. This can be simply done by calling the airport’s representatives or emailing them.    
  • Visitor pass program:There are some airports that offer visitor pass programs under which the non-passengers are permitted but only a limited number of visitors can enter the airport on specific days for dinner, shopping, and hanging out at the airport amenities. 


How far can non-passengers go to an airport?

If you are accompanying a family member and you don’t have an Escort Pass then you can only go with them to the check-in counter. Without Escort Pass, you can’t pass the security checkpoint. 


How to get an Escort Pass?

Non-passengers can get the gate pass at the airline to check counter at the airport in order to pass through the security checkpoint. If the ticket check-in counter is not available, then you can ask for it at the airline’s baggage service office.



What if I am not able to get the gate pass for the airport?


At some time, you may not be able to get a gate pass for other reasons. In case you are denied, as nowadays the airport securities are stricter to let anyone cross the security check without a necessary reason then don’t worry. The airline staff will take responsibility and take the person you are accompanying and they will assign one of their representatives to accompany them.


In last words,

Nowadays non-passengers will only be allowed to go through the security checkpoint without a ticket either if you want to accompany a minor or a child, an elderly person with disabilities, a military family member, or an open airport with a visitor pass program.


These days it became very hard to get through airport security without a valid airline ticket. To overcome this concern, many airports are introducing visitor pass programs, which means that in the future, non-passengers might get through security very easily and can access all the amenities and luxuries that airports have to offer without any airline ticket.