Everything you need to know about Delta Wi-Fi Facility
Everything you need to know about Delta Wi-Fi Facility

To better connect the world, Delta Airlines is accelerating its network plans to create a seamless experience for its passengers. Now Delta is more focused on fast, reliable, and streaming quality Wi-Fi. Delta Airlines is one of the leading carriers that constantly invent groundbreaking techniques to enhance the experience of passengers with them. 

Know about the Delta in-flight Wi-fi facility, pricing, plans, coverage, connection procedure, and other necessary information. 

In-flight Wi-Fi Plans:

There are two options for using the wi-fi on Delta flights. It can be paid as well as unpaid it depends on the choice of passengers to choose any of them.

Free In-Flight Wi-fi:

Delta Airlines is the first carrier in the U.S.A that provide the facility of free in-flight wi-fi to its passengers. With this facility, the passengers of Delta can easily stay connected to their close ones as they can send normal texts for free only via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. Passengers are not able to send video and photo messages through the free delta wi-fi facility. It means that no matter what class you are flying you will not be able to use the full wi-fi facility. 

Paid In-Flight Wifi:

Those passengers who look forward to utilizing 100% free wifi can purchase the paid plan because their plans are not too much expensive. Delta has two Wi-Fi providers i.e. Gogo and Viasat. The airline offers very reasonable plans and rates for using its high-speed internet on board. wifi plans/passes Delta offers.

The paid plans for international journeys are mentioned below:

Global Day Pass – $28.00

  • This plan is available for Delta flights that operate all around the world.
  • It is effective on one or more flights.
  • It offers unlimited and 24 hours continuous wi-fi access.
  • Global Monthly Pass – $69.95
  • This plan is available on Delta flights operating all around the world.
  • It is valid for a complete one month.
  • It offers unlimited inflight internet access.

Wi-Fi Connection procedure:

There are some basic steps to follow for using the Wi-Fi facility of Delta Airlines. 

  • First of all, you need to switch your phone to airplane mode and it can be done from the drop-down window on your phone. Or you can do it from the device Settings; just switch to Airplane Mode and then turn your Wi-Fi on.
  • Then choose "" from the list of available networks on your device. After selecting you'll be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal.
  • In case if the page doesn't load, type "" into your internet search bar to be directed to our Wi-Fi portal.
  • After that, you’ll get two options for using the Wi-Fi i.e. ‘Free Messaging’ or ‘Purchase a Wi-Fi pass’ in the portal. You can select the suitable option and enjoy the uninterrupted wi-fi facility.

Compatible Devices:

There are some devices that are compatible with Delta Wi-Fi. Some of them are wifi-enabled devices whether it’s Android, Apple operating system, or PC. Passengers can use Delta in-flight wi-fi or internet on the below-mentioned browsers

  • Google Chrome 
  • Windows Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari 

Delta Wi-Fi Customer Support Details: 

· For any kind of assistance and help you can directly reach out to wi-fi service. You can contact both the service providers i.e. Viasat and Gog via mail or phone call. 

  • Note down that Delta does not take any responsibility for their terms of use, functionality, or any damage to or incompatibility with your mobile device.
  • The wi-fi facility plan and operator varies by aircraft and route. In some cases, Wi-Fi may not be available outside the US if domestic aircraft are traveling internationally. You need to check the Wi-Fi coverage area map on your particular aircraft for details. 
  • You need to have a capable smartphone to use Free Messaging via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

 FAQ - 

Q- Which wi-fi service is available with Delta Airlines? 

A- Delta has two Wi-Fi providers, Gogo® and Viasat®. Both are available through your subscription plan. There are different plans on different aircraft so you need to check which one you are flying with.

Q- Is there free wi-fi available on Delta?

Yes, there is free wi-fi available on Delta Airlines. The free wi-fi can be used to send simple text messages through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. 

Q- Can I use Delta Wi-Fi only for one device?

A- No, you can access your plan on up to two devices on Gogo-equipped flights.

Q- How much is wi-fi on a plane?

A- There are different plans based on hourly, monthly, and yearly subscription. You can 

choose any of them as per your choice.