Google Flights Explore Map to Discover Affordable Airfares
Google Flights Explore Map to Discover Affordable Airfares

Nothing seems more miserable than planning a vacation and everything is booked and packed. No one is willing to waste their precious time in searching for a flight and ends up with deep disappointment. This often happens because travelers simply fail to see what different types of airlines are available and which one can be best for them. The airline doesn’t matter as long as it is comfortable and reasonable. But, the matter is where I can find a budget-friendly flight for my trip? 

Google Flights Explore:

Google Flights is the only best solution for you. It is one of the most powerful flight search engines that is easy as well as carries multiple features. Its Flight Explore feature helps you find the most suitable flight for your trip. Furthermore, it offers you an opportunity to find the cheapest destinations to fly as per your decided date and range. You can search the flights to anywhere with reasonable airfare. 

For the first time, you can get baffled, especially when you haven’t done something like this before. Where do you begin? What’s the next step? In a continuing effort to help you here is the step-by-step guide on how to search and book a flight: 

1 - Type Google Flights on the search engine.

2 - Enter your departure city/ airport and destination. You can also just click the destinations on a world map.

3 - Select your ticket type i.e. one-way, roundtrip, or multi-city. Available options are listed below:

  • Any number of stops
  • Non-stop only
  • 1 stop or fewer
  • 2 stops or fewer

4 - At the top, next to the trip section select the number of passengers and then cabin class as per your comfort.

5 - You can utilize the slider to restrict the price from the “all filters” section. 

6 - You can set a restriction as per your interest by selecting:

  • Popular
  • Outdoors
  • Beaches
  • Museums
  • History
  • Skiing

7 - You can also put a filter in the airline from the available options i.e. Star Alliance (United), SkyTeam (Delta), and Oneworld (American Airlines).

8 - Then select the departure and return date of the flight from the calendar. You’ll see the lowest cost to fly for each day. 

9 - If you have the option to choose “Book on Google,” you can complete the booking transaction with an airline or online travel agency.

10 - Once you’ve booked a flight, contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm your booking, make any modifications in it, cancel it, or resolve any issue that may arise.

Apply necessary filters for a perfect flight:

You might be flexible for your trip but you still have some preferences. For example, if you want to book a flight from USA to India then fill in the destination and your location and make a search. While you can make modifications in your route with the filters. There are various filtering options in Google flights that give you customized results to find the best flight to anywhere. These include:

  •  Number of Stops:
  •  Select how many stops you’re willing to make during your trip or if you only want nonstop flights (add link Revised List of USA to INDIA Non-Stop Flights).
  •  Layover Duration: By this filter, you can decide how much duration you want a layover.
  •  Connecting airports: You can choose the connecting airports if you want to. 
  •  Price Slider: With this slider, you can set a limit to get the flights under a certain price.
  •  Flight Times: Here you can pick the date and time as per your need. 
  •  Which Airline: With this filter, you get the opportunity to choose between the three major airlines alliances i.e. Oneworld includes American Airlines and Alaska, SkyTeam has Delta, and Star Alliance has got United.
  •  Flight Duration: You can set the limit to which you wish to stay on a flight. 
  •  Bags: Here you can add the number of bags you are carrying. 


How to find the best possible airfare?

Sometimes, Google Flights will initially show you a cheap fare is available, but when you try to book the ticket, the fare either suddenly increases or is unable to be booked altogether.

  •  When Google Flights gives you booking options call the airline to get the lowest available price for the trip.
  •  When you reach the last step while booking with Google Flights you can book a low fare either with the airline or an online travel agency, but when you click to do so, the price jumps on the booking page. 
  •  At this moment, search for an alternate date on Google flights.


Identify Economy fare on Google Flights:

  •  After all the process of selecting an airline you'll see a page with the final price and different links to book with the airlines. There is a suitcase icon where you can choose the class of travel: economy or basic economy.
  •  Click on that icon and see the fare and features available in both the classes. By comparing both classes you can easily select the preferred one. 


Price Tracking:

Google flights have a feature of setting up an alert whenever any deal comes. You will automatically get an alert via email for a flight deal or reduction in airfare from Google flights. It is the best technique to decide the accurate time to purchase airfare.

  •  Sign in to Google Flights and on the results page, click the "Track prices" button and it will turn blue. 
  •  From the “View all” tab you will be able to track different flights.
  •  Every time when price changes you will be notified through mail right before it predicts an increase.


Refund on flights booked through Google Flights:

Booking through Google Flights is a quite easy way for the passengers. But, sometimes there comes a situation when you have to cancel the trip in an emergency. Then you will look for ways to get a refund for the booking.

Since Google flights are just a portal and the flights are actually booked directly with the airline, and thus, refunds are up to each airline's policy. You have to particularly check the refund policy of the airline (add link of Qatar Airways Policy for flight ticket Cancellation and Refund) to know if you are eligible for it or not. 

Generally, if you cancel the flight tickets within 24 hours of booking you will get a refund without any penalty charges.

Tips to make a booking with Google Flights:

  • Flights with the lowest airfare will not always highlight on the map so you have to check out them separately.
  • You can use the Lowest Fares tool to find the cheapest days to go and make plans accordingly.
  • The results for the searches aren’t categorized by price so you have to make your own efforts to find the best flight.
  • You can use Google's price chart to compare your deal to prices over the last year.


Some FAQ:

What is Google Flights?

Google flight is a platform for booking flight tickets. It gives you an opportunity to find the low airfares and make a booking directly with the airline or through a travel agent as per your convenience.

How can I set up Google Flights alerts?

Google flights make it easier to find non-stop flights to India or vice versa at the best price as per the need of the passenger. You can easily click the locations on the map and find the flights for your journey. The map features give visualization to your thoughts and make them impressive.    

Google Flights Explore Map to Discover Affordable Airfares ?

Google flights make it easier to find non-stop flights to India or vice versa at the best price as per the need of the passenger. You can easily click the locations on the map and find the flights for your journey. The map features give visualization to your thoughts and make them impressive.