Highlights for Independence Day Celebration in India, 2022
Highlights for Independence Day Celebration in India, 2022

After getting independence from British rule on August 15, 1947, the whole country roared in happiness. All the reins of control were handed over to the leaders of India. The day was marked as the official independence day of India and is celebrated religiously throughout the country every year. Each year it is celebrated with enthusiasm on Red Fort in Delhi.

Know the history behind Independence Day: 

India was ruled by the British for several years. For about 100 years there was ruled by the East India Company. The Indian independence movement began during World War I. It was led by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who advocated for a peaceful and nonviolent end to British rule. 

The independence of India was achieved following massive independence movements led by the Indian National Congress. After the independence of India, the partition took place dividing it into two new nations - India and Pakistan. On 15 August 1947, India got its independence and was declared a sovereign nation. 

Significance of Independence Day: 

It is the day when Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all states and union territories of India. The main event is held at the historical Red Fort site in Delhi. Every year on the eve of Independence Day, the President of India gives a speech and addresses the Nation. Then the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag. Furthermore, 21 gunshots are fired in honor.

The speech continues to highlight the achievements of the government during the past year and puts forth further plans of development for better future of India. As the speech ends Indian national anthem is sung. The day is specially celebrated to pay tribute to the freedom strugglers.

Schedule Highlights of 75th Independence Day:

  • PM Modi will Meet Defence Chiefs and hoist the tricolor with assistance of Lt Commander P Priyambada Sahoo. At the same time, flower petals will be showered by two Mi 17 1V helicopters of the Indian Air Force in Amrut Formation. 
  • While hoisting the National Flag; the National Flag Guard of five officers and 130 men from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Delhi Police will present the Rashtriya Salute. 
  • Thirty-two Olympic winners and around 240 Olympians are invited to grace the Gyan Path in front of the Ramparts.
  • There is a special place for Corona warriors who played a vital role in fighting Covid-19. They will be seated in a separate block on the south side.
  • After showering of petal PM Narendra Modi will address the nation and the ceremony will start. 

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: 

India is ready to celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence. To celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence, the Government of India has initiated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. 

Commenced on 12th March 2021, this theme was started as a 75-week countdown to 75th anniversary of free India. It is launched to celebrate the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements. 

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is dedicated to the people of India who hold the power and potential to take forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of activating India 2.0 that is fuelled by the spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

The aim is to spread the feeling of patriotism throughout the nation by means of multiple cultural and literary functions across the country. 

A day with a whirlwind of celebrations:

Capital City Delhi serves as the political center and is the main attraction of this day. Almost every city in India makes this day festive but the main event begins in Delhi.

  • Focused on honoring the freedom fighters, marching contingents led by the Indian armed forces and paramilitary forces take place.
  • These are followed by pageants showcasing different events from the independence struggle and cultural traditions of India. 
  • Various government and non-government institutions, schools, and colleges across India conduct flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs within their premises.
  • Programs under this theme include Birsa Munda Jayanti, Declaration of Provisional Government of Free India by Netaji, Shaheed Diwas, and others.
  • Cultural programs, parades, and flag hoisting ceremonies are held all over the country. 
  • In some northern and central cities of India, kite flying is considered to be the day’s main festivity. Kite flying symbolized the freedom that defines the spirit of freedom and joy.

Celebrate Independence Day at home:

  • Watch live program: You can easily see the live program of Delhi on TV. It is the best way to become a part of the celebration by easily avoiding the crowd. 
  • Get closer to the Nation: You can read some books regarding the history and independence of India. You will come to know about the freedom fighters who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. 
  • Send greetings in your circle: To your loved ones who lie in your friend and family circle; send them greetings and cards. It’s the day to encourage the spirit of freedom, sacrifice, and love towards one’s who have lost their lives for our freedom.
  • Show some patriotism: You can show some love towards your country by displaying the national flag on their attire, accessories, homes, and vehicles. Also, listen to patriotic songs, and watch patriotic movies at home with your friends and family.

Amazing Facts about Independence Day:

  1. Lord Mountbatten was the person who chose August 15 as India's Independence Day. However, the independence act was approved on July 18, 1947
  2. The current version of Indian flag was made by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada in 1921.
  3. The Indian national flag was first hoisted on August 7, 1906, at Parsee Bagan Square, Kolkata.
  4. The Indian flag is manufactured in only one place in the country i.e. The Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha (KKGSS), located in Dharwad, Karnataka.
  5. Goa does not celebrate Independence Day because it was a Portuguese state when India became independent. Goa became independent from Portuguese rule on December 19th 1961.
  6. The theme of India's 75th Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort will be - 'Nation First, Always First'.

Some FAQ:

When is Independence Day celebrated in India?

Every year on 15 August, Independence Day is celebrated in India. People from all over the world book flights to India to reach here to see the parade and become part of the audience in Delhi. 

What are the Symbols of Independence Day?

Independence Day is symbolized by the event of kite flying. People buy kites of various colors, shades, and styles and participate in the kite flying event. Most of all an important symbol of Independence Day is the Red Fort in Delhi. It is the place where the first Indian Prime Minister unveiled the Indian flag on 15 August 1947.

Can I book direct flights to Delhi for the Independence Day event?

Yes, there are many airlines that fly direct to Delhi. But, make sure you book flights to Delhi in advance because during the festive season it is not easy to find reasonable fares at the last moment.  

 What activities can be done on Independence Day?

  • Flag Hoisting
  • Vande Mataram Fest
  • Watch a Patriotic Movie
  • Patriotic Costume Contest
  • Independence Day Theme Party
  • Kite Flying 
  • Organize Independence Day Quiz
  • T-shirt painting

What are different ways to Celebrate Independence Day?

  • Plan a family tour: Plan a short trip to the nearest destination and spend some time with your loved ones.
  • Attend the flag hoisting ceremony: If you live around the city of Delhi then consider taking a short trip to Delhi on Independence Day and witness the flag-hoisting ceremony. 
  • Watch patriotic movies: There are many movies based on India’s struggle for attaining freedom. You can watch these movies and witness the struggle of our freedom fighters.