List of non-stop flights from Canada to India
List of non-stop flights from Canada to India

Are you looking for non-stop flights from Canada to India? There are plenty of options by various airlines for travelers. You just have to make us a call decide your travel date and let us book the flight. Always choose the closest airport to the destination because it will save time as well as money.


For flight booking convenience contact us, Fantastic Fare is 24/7 and ready to help you. Our team members will ask for your details to book the flight which includes your name and address. For minimum airfare from Canada to India, flights make sure you book early because fares may rise suddenly.


Non-stop flights to India are the best option for those who are in a hurry, emergency, or can travel for long hours without inconvenience. Depending on the route, booking time, and availability of seats.


Non-stop flights from Canada to India:

Toronto to Delhi by Air India in 14 hours:

The average time an Air India flight takes to travel from Toronto to Delhi is 14 hours. During this time, you will cover a distance of 11626 km. In the meantime, some first-time flyers may suffer anxiety and other issues but the facilities and services of Air India are good enough to keep you comfortable. 

Toronto to Delhi by Air Canada 15 hours 15 minutes:

Air Canada is giving competition to Air India for the route of Toronto to Delhi. It takes the time of around 15 hours to reach the destination. The flight is secured with the airfares so you don’t have to worry about the money. 

Vancouver to Delhi by Air India 14 hours 15 minutes:

Either it is a last-minute booking or a pre-planned trip, we will walk you through the entire booking process. We are always here to help you find non-stop from Vancouver to Delhi. 


Which airlines fly from Canada to India?
  • Air Canada

  • Air India

  • KLM

  • Delta Air Lines

  • British Airways

  • Lufthansa

  • American Airlines

  • Etihad Airways

  • Air India


Which airlines offer non-stop flights between Canada and India?

Air Canada and Air India are the only two major flag carriers that offer non-stop flights between Canada and India.


What is the cheapest route to fly from Canada to India?

For the cheapest Canada to India flights, you must book Toronto to New Delhi route because the airlines on this route have the cheapest airfares.


What are the popular destinations to fly from Canada to India?

In India, the popular destinations are Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa.


How much time it will take to fly from Toronto to New Delhi?

Toronto to New Delhi is a journey of around 13 hours.


How to find a non-stop flight to India from Canada?

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