Survival Guide for a safe and healthy International journey
Survival Guide for a safe and healthy International journey

Airplanes are the nearly perfect place for getting sick. This is because, they are enclosed, and contained spaces where people from all over the world are together. Many travelers experience some form of discomfort or sickness when they travel by plane. It can be hard to relax and stay healthy on a flight when you are not feeling well. Dry mouth, aching limbs, and swollen ankles all are symptoms that you may feel while flying. USA to India flights takes hours to reach the destination. There’s nothing you can do much to eliminate these issues, but here are a few steps that you may take to overcome your problems:

Prepare Ahead of time:

Pack everything that you will need on the flight. It includes any medicine, snacks, and drinks. Liquids through security are not allowed but you can take an empty water bottle. A lot of airports have bottle-friendly water stations to fill up. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks, like veggies, trail mix, or granola bars to eat on the flight. 

Drink Water:

Hydration on a plane is necessary because high altitudes create a very dry setting. Pressurized cabins and the atmosphere in a plane can cause dehydration. Drinking water will help you handle your situation on a plane. You should drink a bottle of water every hour when you’re in the air. Even the increased bathroom breaks will offer an additional opportunity to stretch your legs. This will help you stay busy and active while flying. 

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol can harm your health on the airplane. So, try to avoid alcohol while on a long journey. Taking alcohol can dehydrate you. So, if you are not used to it then make sure you avoid it. Instead of alcohol, you can choose some nice soft drinks. It will make you feel good to sip any of your favorite chilled beverages. 

Move around at regular Intervals:

Sitting in the same place for hours can hamper the blood circulation in your body which leads to cramps in your body. It’s important to move around and take a frequent walk to the restroom. This will help and facilitate blood flow throughout your body.

Keep your hands clean:

It is necessary to keep social precautions when flying. Do not touch everything. As it is not easy to keep a healthy, safe distance from other travelers but try to separate and keep distance whenever possible. Keep hand sanitizer with you so when you touch something unusual or public place then you must use it to clean your hands. 

Use sanitizing wipes:

Before sitting make sure you clean the area of your seat. There can be germs on your seating area so make sure you clean the seat, seatbelt, tray table, and armrests with sanitizing wipes. 

Sleep is Necessary:

While you shouldn’t count on restful sleep on the plane, it is a good opportunity to rest during your travel. This will also help you avoid jetlag. For long journeys, you must shut your eyes for a while. Opt for a window seat to have a good sleep. In this way, not only will you have control over the window shade (and sunlight), but you’ll also be out of the way of climbing seatmates bumping into you in the aisle.

Utilize Legroom Wisely:

most people come with heavy stuff and bags on board and end up covering all the area of the overhead compartment as well as the space under the seat in front of you. If you ever get a chance then pack only the necessities in your carry-on to give yourself the most amount of legroom possible. Having more leg space will allow you to stretch your legs from time to time to keep your body and nerves active. 

Bring Basic Skin Care Products:

The cabin air at high altitudes is a lot different. You can even have some effects on your skin that leave it dry with breakouts. There can be damage and breakout in your skin and that can be avoided using a moisturizer. If you want that the recycled air doesn’t do any damage to your skin it would be better to fill your carry bag with a good moisturizer or skin cream. Using them onboard will keep your skin fresh and healthy while you travel. 

 If you are planning to fly around India then follow these basic and easy tricks to stay healthy on a flight. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to travel by economy, or business class flights to India you must basic tips while flying. Making sure that passengers stay in good health while traveling is one necessary factor. 

So, the next time you plan to embark on an international journey do try these tips and tricks for a better experience.