Survive a Long Layover with These Tips and Tricks
Survive a Long Layover with These Tips and Tricks

Many travelers find cheap flight ticket deals which result in them getting a flight with a long layover. Layovers are not supposed to be tricky but they can get boring due to the long interval of waiting. However, you can make it better by planning so you can survive a long layover easily no matter if you are alone or have company. 

When to book a flight with layovers? USA to India flight may take long hours and you can choose a flight with layover to get some rest in between the journey. These are inexpensive as well as give you time to relax in the middle of the journey.

Other than waiting for long hours if we look towards the positive side; layovers guarantee a bit of time to stretch, pick up essential items, catch up with phone calls, and take healthier meals than what’s being served on the flight.

Here are some of the creative ideas for what to do in a long layover:

Get Familiar with the airport:

First of all research the Airport where you will have to wait for a layover and check the basic details about it. As all airports have different rules and regulations, it is important to know any rules you must know as a transiting passenger. You can get familiar with the airport by checking it online so you will already know where to find things.

Transit Hotel:

Many large airports have transfer hotels that are especially for travelers with long layovers. In case you have a layover of more than 8 to 9 hours then it is suggested to book a transit hotel. In the meantime, you can sit, relax and take a nap in the hotel. 

Explore the city:

Passengers with really long layover can enjoy the waiting time by exploring the city. Give yourself a chance to visit a new destination but make sure you do not take too long so you will miss your flight.

Organized tour of the city:

While traveling in flights to India with layovers you might find some airports that offer an organized tour of the city that departs directly from the airport itself. You need to check if such a facility is available and then book the tour before landing.  

Take a shower:

Travelers who want to feel refreshed can enjoy the free or low-cost shower facilities available at the airport. Just check out the airport gym or ask a help desk where shower facilities are located. In case your airport itself doesn't provide showers you can enter the airport lounges by purchasing a day pass and get access to a shower as well as free food, drink, and Wi-Fi too. So, pamper yourself before you hop on your next flight. 

Taste some Local cuisine:

If you’re having a layover in a new country, it is a great opportunity to explore the local cuisine at the airport. This way you can come to know about the city and try out something new and local. The cuisine is considered the most direct, and cheapest, way to experience a taste of a culture different than your own. In this way, you can try amazing dishes without even leaving the terminal.

Take a Quick Nap:

You can take a quick nap and reboot yourself for the next trip. Don’t worry if you don’t have the access to a lounge, you can sleep for a while at the airport and wake up when your next flight is about to board. However, when you are sleeping at the airport, you need to be extra careful about your belongings. Make sure you don’t forget to put an alarm so that you don’t miss out on your flight.

Phone a Friend:

While traveling doesn’t forget to keep in touch with your friends and family members. It is the best time when you can make a phone call to your friends and give them update about you. 

Watch a movie:

You can use this time to watch your favorite movie or series. Airports allow free wi-fi access so you can watch whatever you want. Also, you can download your favorite show and watch it later while traveling. 

Read a Book:

While sitting you can drink a cup of coffee and read a book. It is definitely one of the best ways to spend quality time at the airport. You need to bring your own noble or book that you find totally engrossing. In case, you forget to bring your own, you can always head to one of the airport shops and choose a book, which you feel can keep you occupied for some hours.

Enjoy Shopping:

You can make duty-free shopping for your loved ones. Shop for your favorite products at the airport while passing the time. The goods available at the airport are duty-free so you will get access to products at a cheaper price. So shop, explore and have a great time while waiting for your next flight. 

 Not everyone has mastered the art of long layovers, so these tips and tricks will help you stay busy on long layovers. With all these survival tips you’ll enjoy an extended stay at the airport. For more information, you can check the layover airport's website itself and collect some useful information for your ease. The information may include organized tours, airport facilities, or unique art to spot inside each terminal.