Thanksgiving Customs and Quick Getaways Your Family Will Admire
Thanksgiving Customs and Quick Getaways Your Family Will Admire

Many people think Thanksgiving is a chance to gather with families. On this day you can share a delicious meal, thank others for your blessings, and adore the joy of each other's company. Every year people come out with new ideas and customs to make this day special. This brings out the joy and cheerful vibes within everyone. It is a great way to make your holiday memorable while celebrating Thanksgiving. 

Most people think Thanksgiving is only the festival of Americans. But, it is a wrong idea because it is also celebrated by some European countries. Similar celebrations take place all around the world including in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, and even Liberia. So, wherever you are use Thanksgiving travel deals and celebrate the day in a new place. 

Here are some Thanksgiving Customs to follow: 

Catch up with families:

In case you are far from your loved ones then give this thanksgiving a boost and reach them. Book a flight from USA to India and get ready to spend this thanksgiving with your family. Flying on Thanksgiving Day is a cheaper option too. You can easily find the flight ticket deal that will cost very less than adjacent day flights. 

Start From a Signature Cocktail:

You can start the special occasion with a special sip by serving a signature cocktail. This can make you feel something different and excited. A bottle of wine can be a good option to enjoy on Thanksgiving with your closest one.  

Pie Competition:

You can host a pie-baking competition with your family on this day. By having someone else handle the morning meal you can get time for other preparations. 

Watch The Thanksgiving Day Parade:

While loading pie into the oven you can watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. You can watch performances from pop stars, marching bands, the May Day parade, and the dog show. 

Decorate Thanksgiving cookies:

It is a great way to show off your cookie-making skills. You can use cookie cutters, colorful icing, and n sprinkles. You can also play it as a decoration game with judges. It will become more interesting to everyone. 

Potluck party:

You can invite your neighbors and friends to your home. Get them all involved in a potluck party and ask them to bring their favorite dish. This tradition is great for a family get-together or a Thanksgiving-themed office party. 

Raise a Glass:

On the Thanksgiving table, you can take this day to a next level by designating someone to be the official toast-maker. Or, if you are just the family members and close ones then give everyone the chance to make a toast. It is a great way to kick off the meal while making some memories.  

Get ready for game night:

It is not the day to just have a meal and go to sleep. So, you can turn it into a game night. All you have to do is just find some entertaining games that can be played indoors. It can be puzzles, cards, and charades. 

Festive Music:

There is no celebration without good musicWhether you're setting the table, preparing the food, hanging out in the living room, or enjoying your meal, listening to festive music is a must on this day.

Post-Thanksgiving walk: 

When your Thanksgiving feast comes to an end and you don’t feel like sleeping then head outdoors for a walk. Stretch your legs and walk until you seem a little bit lighter after such a heavy dinner.  

Travel to your dream Destination:

Instead of staying home, you can also plan to visit your dream destination. You can easily find flight deals to India at reasonable rates by using thanksgiving offers and deals. You can plan to have a cozy retreat in upstate New York or to spend some time in a beach-side resort in the Maldives.  


Are you also thinking about where to go on this Thanksgiving? Here are some quick getaways that capitalize on the long holiday weekend: 


·    Canterbury, New Hampshire:

    New Hampshire's famous Hackleboro Orchards are best to visit during Thanksgiving as they stay open this time. Here you can enjoy a picnic before entering the orchards. 

·    Leavenworth, Washington:

   It is a great place to see during holidays. This town kicks off the festivities on Thanksgiving weekend with Christkindlmarkt, a Bavarian-style Christmas market. You can witness the wineries and cider houses plus roam around for shopping.  

·    New York:

     Fly through the skies in person and take your family to see their favorite characters. It will surely be an unforgettable experience to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. You can spend some time witnessing the city and then go for dinner in a fancy restaurant.  

·    St. Louis, Missouri:

     Missouri is well-known for its annual Ameren Thanks-for-Giving Parade. Do not miss this parade if you are here. It is a family-friendly event with music, giant balloons, and even a visit from Santa. Your kids will also love every moment of this lively parade.  

If you are also planning to celebrate this time with your loved ones then let me tell you it is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Flying during the Thanksgiving holiday can be tiring. Make your journey comfortable and relaxing by traveling with flights. You can easily find Thanksgiving offers on flights that will save some money too. Also, try to travel on Thanksgiving Day because there will be less crowd on that particular day.