What to Eat before and during a flight to land healthy
What to Eat before and during a flight to land healthy

The holiday season is bringing a heavy volume of airline passengers with it. The long-haul USA to India flights can be uncomfortable if you do not eat properly. Passengers can feel trapped inside the carrier and feel irritated and restless too. Food is the solution to everything that you feel inside a flight. By taking a proper healthy diet you can avoid feeling sluggish, hungry, or sick.

 There are some flight tips that pretty much people are aware of such as staying hydrated and taking a walk around the aisle. But, there are some more specific pieces of advice that include what you should eat before and during your flight. To start your vacation right, stock up on these snacks before your flight to India and give your body a much-needed boost.


What to Eat before the journey: 


Be sure you're hydrated: 

Air tends to be very dry when you are onboard which means dehydration can happen faster. Traveling will easily dehydrate you thus it is important to top up your water levels as much as possible on the go. So, you must drink plenty of water before and during the journey. Having enough water will also help you prevent jetlag. 


Opt for fruits:

Fruits and veggies are healthy and keep you refreshed on the journey. Oranges are an excellent source of water as well as vitamin C so they must be included in your diet. Other than this, watermelon, banana, and berries are also good option that is easy to digestion, easy to travel with, and easy to eat no matter where you are on your journey. 


Add some healthy Fat:

Always add healthy fat to your diet. You will get it from dark leafy veggies, nuts, or seeds. Having such things in your food intake is an effective way to boost immunity and make you feel full.  


Lean Protein:

Having lean protein with fruits and veggies is the best diet you can take before heading on a journey. Lean protein will give you the nutritional boost your body needs. This will be a good fit to survive a long-haul flight to India where you can stay full without looking for unhealthy snacks. One more benefit of protein is that it will make your blood sugars remain stable throughout the flight.  


Foods to avoid before flying: 


Red Wine:

The compounds of red wine will make you feel dry when at a high altitude. So, avoid taking red wine before the journey.  


Salty food:

Salty items should be taken less otherwise you will feel thirsty. 



Any food items with caffeine in it should be avoided. As caffeine can aggravate stomach acidity and increase gastric motility. 


Fast Food and fried items:


You must avoid fast food like pasta and Maggie because they are heavy and lead to bloat and disrupt the digestive tract. The same goes for fried items. Try not to eat fried items before your journey. 



It may seem a good idea to drink alcohol before the journey but it can ruin your trip so avoid it. 


Things to take care of: 


  • It always seems tempting to buy a meal at the departures gate or on the plane. But, these foods are usually high in salt, fat, or sugars, so it is always better to bring a snack pack from home.
  • Make sure the food and drinks that you are eating before a long flight must contain low sugar, slow-burn carbs, and moderate protein. 
  • Pack an empty water bottle to fill up when you get through security so you can drink enough water to offset the dry conditions of the plane.
  • Take a vitamin C tablet. A dose of vitamin C will protect you from getting sick by keeping your immune system healthy.
  • After reaching your destination, make sure you are still eating the right food.
  • If you are jetlagged then try a spoonful of honey in a hot drink. 




Q- Why we should avoid eating unnecessary things before and during flight journeys?

A- At 4,00,000 ft., the air pressure is very low and as you fly the gas starts to expand and this is why your stomach can feel uncomfortable. Also, being in an enclosed space with so many other people in a flight can leave your immune system susceptible. 


Q-  What should I eat during the flight?

A- You must take hydrating foods and pass over the bread, cookies, and cakes if you want to feel healthy during the whole journey.


Q- What are the items that will keep me healthy as well as energetic while flying?

A- Try almond butter with crackers, cheese, yogurt, and nuts to stay healthy as well as energetic during the journey.