Term & Conditions

The following “User Agreement” along with “Terms of Use” collectively mentioned as “Terms and Conditions” defines the procedures and directions regarding the use of services and products of Fantastic Fare (hereinafter referred to as “Fantastic Fare”, “we,” or “us”).

Our Service/Product term may cover travel and travel-related services that may or may not include a travel reservation, flight ticket booking, consultation, charters, airfares, hotels, resorts, tours, leisure, car rentals, etc.

Any user or the buyer (hereinafter referred to as “You,” or “Yours”) who inquiries about or purchases any of our product or service through the direct website, affiliate company, agent, sale person, or any other channel; agree to be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all the travel-related services facilitated by Fantastic Fare. We solely hold the right to make the update in “Terms and Conditions”; so, your continuous use of our website or service notifies that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. It is recommended to return to this page periodically and review the most current version of the agreement.

Please read these Terms of use carefully as these are binding to the user. Once you use our service and click the “I Agree” button, you agree to follow all these terms and conditions with stipulation and will be bound by the limitations therein. 

Eligibility to Use:

A user must be at least 18 years old to possess the legal authority to enter into the agreement and use our service. For minors, it is recommended to have assistance from the legal guardian or parent. Otherwise, we reserved the right to abandon you from our services.

Amendment to booking & purchase:

From time to time there could be some amendments in the booking and purchase of flight tickets that may have been mentioned on this page. For each product and service, the process and charges are different so go through the website carefully or make a call to our agent and avoid misunderstandings. 

Booking and Payment:

Flight ticket booking or purchase of any product and services can be online at the official website of Fantastic Fare. It can be done after you accept our policy and terms.

There may be third-party offers/ providers/ distributors on our website to which Fantastic Fare takes no responsibility. The User agrees that if a user makes any transaction for booking purposes that is not legitimately held by Fantastic Fare; we are not liable for it and the user shall not hold any right to recover it from us.

As our customer/ user, you are solely responsible for reimbursement of any fees from the external collection agency, including all costs and expenses incurred collecting your account which includes reasonable attorney’s fees if so, incurred during collection.

After you purchase any product or service offered on the website, you are obligated to complete payment and related transactions. The payment gateway for transactions on the website is secure and we do not save any personal details related to payment card details on our backup data without your permission.

You ensure that you are legally eligible and comply with all applicable laws before purchasing our goods or services

Cancellation and Refund:

The cancellation and refund policy may vary according to product and service. In case users need to cancel the booked trips, they might have to contact our customer service representative. Canceling the request may take some time or there may be a full penalty if the cancellation request is made after the deadline. Fantastic Fare reserves the right to charge the cancellation fee or decline your booking in some reasonable cases. Additionally, we are not liable for any loss, damage or compensation.

Sometimes there may be a change in flight schedule that is the subject of airline fare rules and we do not play any role in it. If there are significant changes in the schedule there may be the chances you will be offered an alternate trip or some other choice.

No compensation will be given to customers if the change in flight schedule is made after their request or they fail to comply with our policies.

Force Majeure:

In some exceptional circumstances, Fantastic Fare may fail to honor the confirmed booking due to some uncontrollable situations such as technical error, government decision a pandemic, and many more. In such situations, we will try to offer the best alternative to the customer but you cannot force any refund from Fantastic Fare. 

Alterations after Booking:

Any change in an existing booking; shall be subject to certain charges levied by the respective airline, apart from the service fee charged by us. The user is liable to pay the applicable charges to make alterations in the existing booking. Understand that each airline has its policy according to which results in alterations may vary.

Travel Documents:

It is understandable that, certain documents are mandatory to carry while flying. These documents are required to get the basic personal details including passenger names, nationality, passport number, date of issue and date of expiry, and medical reports etc.

We reserve the right to decline any booking if the information provided to us is wrong or seems illegal in any manner. We are not liable for any resulting claims for losses, damages or compensation if wrong information is provided by the user/customer.

It is recommended that a traveler must purchase some form of insurance such as Travel/ Cancellation/ Lost Baggage/ Medical Emergency so they can claim for the loss.

Before traveling make sure you follow all the eligibility conditions and document requirements to enter the destination country. Sometimes you will be asked for the return ticket/ sufficient funds/ insurance and other travel documents.

You will be traveling at your own risk and we are not responsible if you get stuck in the middle. 

Passport / Visa Requirements:

All travelers MUST be in possession of a valid government issued Passport, Identification and necessary documents such as Visas, Transit visas, Schengen Visas and all other entry permits for all international ports of entry.

While entering the destination your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date when entering your destination. It is your responsibility to arrange all documents needed to enter the country you are traveling to, or passing through in transit. 

Product and Services: 

Hotel: You can make a hotel booking on the website via a third party. We have no ownership or management interest with those third-party Vendors thus go through the terms and conditions carefully to ensure the amenities and category of the hotel is as per your requirement. Also, we do not guarantee the quality of service, location of accommodation, the amenities, or the performance by those third parties.

Car Rental: If you hire a rental car from our website, we do not take any responsibility in case of any break down or the quality of car is not up to the level or delays due to bad traffic conditions.

For any query you can contact the owner of the respective service directly. Fantastic Fare shall not be held liable for any disruption in information.

Laws: It is the responsibility of traveler to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Getting service from us ensures that you have the legal right to purchase, utilize and/or possess our services.

Website Content: You agree that responsibility for all the content made posted or available on Fantastic Fare is your responsibility. Here we do not display the actual realistic representations of our services and products so we do not guarantee that the information on the brochure, newsletter and website are updated and exact as mentioned. You are not allowed to do any unlawful or objectionable action over the content in our website. Also, you agree to use this website or its contents for any commercial purpose.

E-Tickets: It is a unique confirmation number given to passengers that should be produced as a print out at the airlines check-in counter to get the boarding pass.

You will receive the e-ticket after the complete payment is made online via credit / debit or any other payment card. Your e-ticket details will be mailed to you at your email address provided by you or via call.

Due to technical issue, babies under the age of 2 may not get e-ticket and we would not be able to reserve your booking.

Check-in Issue: In case you fail to reach airport at time and you do not check-in on time, your flight will be automatically cancelled by the airline. We have no role in that situation and you confirm to understand that.

Luggage: Baggage allowance depends on the airline you are traveling with and we have no role in this. We may facilitate the communication on your requests; however, fulfilment of your requests entirely depend on the airline company.

Pregnancy and kids: Children under 2 years are referred as infant and they can be carried on the lap so there is no need to buy a separate seat for them. The cost of ticket to them is around 10% of the adult’s fare in most of the airlines. However, the children from age 2 to 10 also get reduction in airfares.

Women who are pregnant have some restrictions to fly on the plane. Each airline has own specific rules for them. You can be denied for boarding if your delivery date is near and we take no responsibility in this.

Health Condition:

Flight bookings are subject to certain minimum medical wellbeing criteria so you have to follow the travel related guidelines.

If you have a poor medical history then you are required to carry a medical proof or health declaration in an applicable form that you are good to fly. 

Disputes, Attorney’s fee, and Related Expenses:

If any act of law or equity, that may include declaratory relief or any arbitration proceeding, is brought to enforce, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees, costs, and additional expenses.

Service help:

For any query you can write to us at: [email protected] or make a call at +1-833-422-7770.